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Catapult Your Brand! Catapult Your Brand! Catapult Your Brand!

Meet Livingston!

Livingston Steele


Livingston Steele (@Livonsunday_1) is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and creative from Newark, NJ. A graduate of the University Of New Haven with a bachelor’s in music business minor in TV and Film, Livingston worked at various music and media companies, from BET Music Matters, Summer Stage in NYC to multiple music management companies like Legend Factory to learn and assist independent artists, musicians, and creatives in music marketing and branding. Through his experience, Steele started working on short videos to better understand the different aspects of filmmaking, from Josué Simon’s music video “Winner” and Alyssa Kayhill’s “Playing With Fire,” and editing several media projects. 

In addition to working with artists, Steele has a social media marketing and analysis managing accounts for artists and companies. He is proficient in spotting and utilizing trends on popular apps, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, to create original, organic content for clients.

As an entrepreneur, Livingston runs a creative marketing boutique, ARTillery Creative Cannon (@ARTilleryCreativeCannon), as a creative strategist, working with clients in different industries, consulting on their social and visual, and brand marketing. He has worked on several music videos, concept shoots, marketing campaigns, and directing and producing original content for distribution.