Catapult Your Brand! Catapult Your Brand! Catapult Your Brand!
Catapult Your Brand! Catapult Your Brand! Catapult Your Brand!
Catapulting Creative Into Your Social

About ART-Social

ART-Social specializes in creating and growing niche social media strategy and brand marketing. We’ll help you organically grow your social media platforms with your authentic brand voice to communicate your purpose, attracting new audiences.  Let’s build and implement a social strategy geared to your brand and promote your brand, product, company, or release.


Social Media Strategy

Our Creative strategy is based on your brand’s needs and goals. We analyze and create a customized plan to optimize your target audience and to continuously grow it organically.

Social media Videos

We strategize, film, and edit video content for your brand’s Social media.

Social Consultation

Need advice or help with your creating your brand voice or growing your social media? Contact us for a private consultation.

Graphic design /Content production

Create your logo, design, and animation with us. Let us create your content for your Organic brand story.

Paid Social Media/Ad Campaigns

We create detailed social media campaigns including Facebook and Linkedin ads attracting your specific clientele and target leads.


  • Iva English

    Why did you come to Artillery Creative Cannon? I needed guidance from a creative voice to help me develop my brand.

    How we’re we able to help? After consulting with Artillery Creative Cannon, I was able to use strategies that helped me to increase followers on social media. The recommended strategies applied allowed me to creatively and organically develop content that captures my intended audience. 

    Your experience with Artillery Creative Cannon and being consulted, were you satisfied with your results? Yes. I am very satisfied with my results. Consultant Livingston Steele provided the tools that allowed me to network with other artists as well as opportunities for collaboration. 

    Would you work with us again ? Would you recommend us? Absolutely. In this resurgence of Black Creatives, it is extremely important to connect to entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives and leaders who are influential game changers in this growing culture of Black artists.

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